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Tactical Laser Tag

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When you think of laser tag, what is the first thing that pops into your head? Space age phazers and black lights? The chaos of running around with no direction trying to shoot anything that moves? Forget all that. We have created an experience that will leave you wanting to come back and play again and again.


Mission Based Game-play

We take the objective-based play of popular video games and combine it with a great physical activity to form the most exciting live gaming experience available. Go head to head against friends, co-workers and family members. Feel the adrenaline rush of barely completing your objective within just seconds of the end of the round. Both adults and children can compete in our arena to accomplish their missions and bring their team to victory.

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Modern Video Game Brought To Life

Everyone is playing them sitting on their butts in the living room, or on the go with their phone so we are bring the modern video game to life! We have taken concepts from the hottest video games and brought it to life.

Unique Game Modes

Tactical laser tag goes far beyond the traditional template for laser tag of shoot and be shot with unique mission types. This means you will experience an assortment of games that will test your skills on the field of battle and see how well you work as a team to complete your objective. We play game modes like Team Battle, Domination, Capture the Flag and what's sure to be a fan favorite: INFECTION!

Tactically Inspired Equipment that Rumbles!

Our equipment is built for the soldier in all of us our equipment features multiple weapon types shotguns, snipers, heavy machine guns and more. When firing you feel it with the build in rumble feedback. Each tactically inspired unit comes with comes equipped with Reflex Red Dot Scope.

Parties & Groups

Download Combat Zone Party Planner

Birthday Party Information

laser tag Age Information

Minimum age is 8 for our equipment due its size and weight. If your birthday child has a younger sibling we will work out a way for them to be part of the party by allowing them to play with a parent from a sniper tower. Our goal is to keep you and our equipment safe.


Our Laser tag parties last 2 1/2 hours**. We ask that you arrive at the clubhouse 15 minutes before your party slot. During the first half hour we will brief your guests on the rules of engagement and our equipment. We understand you often will have guests arrive late - we will build in a few minutes for this but do tell your guests prompt arrival is required so they can enter the arena with the group. Once we enter the arena you will start your 30 minutes of play.

** The 2 1/2 hour noted above includes review of rules and guns as well as all breaks. It is not 2 1/2 hours of playing time. Birthday party packages are for children only celebrating birthdays. All other parties, please see our Laser Tag Rates & Info.

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You will then break for your time at the picnic table for your food (supplied by you unless you purchased our food package ). After that 30 minute food break, you either go back to the arena for another 30 minutes of missions OR you will go to another feature. After the second 30 minutes of play are up, you go back to the picnic table, for birthday cake (you bring) and to open presents. After that 30 minute time frame is up, we allow 15 minutes for packing up and for pickup of the guests. In consideration of the next arriving party, please make room for the next arriving party within those 15 minutes. Do keep in mind that you can do add-on features of our other activities. We do ask however that you have someone clear the picnic area at the conclusion of the 2 1/2 hours to allow for the next party.

** Not to be combined with other offers/Pricing

All parties are booked through Janice Sullivan at 607.962.7485 or email at We have a variety of packages that you can choose from. All of our party packages include 8 participants, including the birthday kid. If you have guests that do not play but would like to attend the party, there is no charge for them subject to the seating capacity at our picnic tables.

We can also accommodate other guests who want to do other activities (younger kids for instance) with one or more of our other activities at our regular pay-as-you-go prices. Unless your party is using 20 or more of our guns, we will put additional players on the field (if they are present) to join the play during your sessions. This is standard operating procedure in the laser tag business. They will be split onto your party teams to make the teams as even as possible. Birthday parties in NY are subject to NYS sales tax.

Rates & Info

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ALWAYS CALL AHEAD to guarantee availability of your time slot.
All Reservations are for a minimum of ½ hour play and 4 people.
If you have less than 4 people, please call ahead to find out when other players will be on the field.

Items to Note:

  • Minimum age is 8 for our equipment due its size and weight.
  • It is required that you arrive 15 minutes prior to all reservations in the cliubhouse to pay.
  • Please arrive at your reservation time at the Combat Laser Tag field.
  • The first 15 minutes of each reservation will be used to provide players with a review laser tag rules and the distribution of laser tag equipment.
  • We reserve the right to add players to the field during any reservation time.

Groups or Parties by Appointment, Call (607) 962 7485

Friday evening, Saturday, and/or Sunday. Call (607) 936 4820

LENGTH OF MISSIONS: Different missions will have varying objectives and teams will complete them at different speeds, however the average length of a mission is between 10 and 20 minutes with a short break in between. You will play as many missions as you can complete within your time slot.


We appreciate your service to our country & community. (Must show ID for discount)


RESERVATIONS: Make a reservation for your group of four or more and receive a discounted rate. Maximum discount available at 8 and above. Reservations accepted (if space available) up to an hour prior.

One Hour: 4 people: $23/person 6 people: $22/person 8 people: $20/person
Two Hours: 4 People: $34/Person 6 People: $33/Person 8 People: $32/Person
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We reserve the right to combine you with other groups if your group is smaller than 20.


Wear comfortable clothing and good footwear (sneakers or boots) as you will playing in a field that has uneven surfaces. Bare feet are never permitted and flip flops are strongly discouraged.

We do not allow all out sprinting on our field to avoid your colliding with each other people and/or obstacles. You can run if you keep two hands on your lasergun. Any dragging or improper use of our equipment will result in immediate suspension of play. Un- Sportsman like conduct will not be tolerated. Play at The Combat Zone is very physical. You should not play if you have any medical conditions that prevent you from moving easily or being involved in allot of physical exertion. If you are playing at night, bring mosquito repellant as you are playing outside in the summer. We do not always have bug repellant available.

We can play on a day with showers in between the showers and suspend play if it begins to pour or thunder and lightning. If we suspend play due to rain and you have unused time, we will give you the equivalent of the lost time for future play. Example: You purchased a one hour ticket and it started to rain after 45 minutes. You can either wait in our clubhouse to see if play restarts or we will give you a ticket for a new game (approximate play time of 15 minutes) for your next visit. We do not issue refunds. Our arena is a field with uneven surfaces and could be wet or muddy if it just rained. Our obstacles are made of wood and metal so are hard and cound contain splinters. Reckless behavior can lead to your getting hurt. If the field marshal observes any activity we feel is inappropriate, he or she reserves the right to suspend your play with no refund of amounts paid. The field Marshall's decisions are final.

CallSign Smart Phone App

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CallSign is one of a kind, free-to-download app for your Smart Phone or iPad that provides a digitally enhanced live gaming experience. Use CallSign to connect to Combat Zone Laser Tag battlefield. Track your stats like kills, death, accuracy, killstreaks, and more. Gain XP (eXperince Points) to level up and earn rewards.

This is just the beginning. CallSign will allow you instant message, share stats, view your friends' profiles, and stay up to date on all the happens of the Combat Zone Laser Tag battleground. CallSign will become an in-game heads-up-display with vitals, game notifications, and a scoring system that brings the modern FPS (First Player Shooter) video game to life! The game of laser tag has evolved into a tactical experience and CallSign is its interface. Download the app now to create your unique CallSign and connect with the growing community of players in your area and around the world.

Click to download the appropriate app store to download on your Smart Phone

Be sure to download the CallSign app and configure your Profile with your personal call sign and other information before coming to the Combat Zone Laser Tag battlefield. The Combat Zone Laser Tag staff are not responsible to instruct you how to use the Call Sign app.